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The era of SUVs

April 5, 2018

The past couple of years we’ve seen a drastic change or let’s call it a shift towards SUVs. Although every single automaker is running after the hybrid and electric powertrains, still the SUVs are dominating the automotive industry. Let’s take, for instance, all the luxury and sport automakers such as the Jaguar F-PACE, Bentley Bentayga,…

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Will Formula E be able to become a show of its own?

February 2, 2018

While Formula 1’s rich history is a large part of why we all love it, time has to pass by for it to be called history. As most of you who may not know, Formula E was announced in 2012 and had its first season in 2014. There hasn’t even been enough time to see…

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Ongoing festivities…

December 9, 2017

And that’s finally the end of the 2017-year. Indeed it has been a tough one for the Middle East region. But we are always hoping that the car industry will be back on the right track, although most of the car manufacturers and dealers were affected by the political crisis, in terms of sales. As…

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20 most congested cities in the world

November 9, 2017

When I think of the 2017 year, it felt so quick. So quick that I still remember the Land Rover Discovery drive back in Utah in February. Time passes by amazingly fast. Here we are in November already. Two major happenings this month will take place: the Dubai Motor Show from the 14th until the…

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Saudi Arabia to allow women drivers

October 9, 2017

Let me start by announcing that you are checking out ArabWheels’ 150th issue – aren’t you lucky? We have displayed all of ArabWheels issues from the start until now so you can have a look and see how the magazine has evolved.

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Thrilling forthcoming months…

September 9, 2017

Let me start by wishing you all “Happy Eid” and “Adha Mubarak!” The attention-grabbing story during this month is the appointment of a new CEO at Uber, the largest taxi and automobile service.

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